Thursday, May 12, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Gibbous @83.4%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

This morning I have an early commitment, and this is a brief hello.

I’m not going to my workplace but have an appointment with a contractor. It’s time to have some remodeling and repairs done to my house. I like my house, but renewals are ahead after twenty years of living with dogs.

Anyway, this fellow is bringing samples and a tape measure. We will discuss possibilities and potential. When hiring a contractor, the biggest thing is getting work scheduled, as everybody in construction is several months behind in their commitments.

Once this gets going, I’ll toss my heavy furniture. I want simplicity, like Ikea! After years, it’s become clear that I hang out in just a few spots. Aside from utilizing the whole kitchen area, I have a favorite chair for watching TV, a chair for my computer desk, and a chair that works for reading. Of course, there’s a bed.

My house might wind up on the empty side. It’ll be easier to clean, and I’ll be comfortable and happier.

By the way, I dumped Netflix and am going to do that with the other streaming platforms. Too much blood and gore and too little real substance. My chair for TV watching might go, too.

Dear Friends: A remodel, a new era, we change, and little remains the same. Diana

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