Watchbird Is Watching

Friday, May 13, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Gibbous @90.8%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

Thanks to my friend, Susie! She quashed my animal care headaches. Round one is done: the puppy had an inoculation, and the goats received worm meds. A second round of the same will occur in a few weeks.

The puppy, Chase, grows more innovative and robust every day. While outside this morning, he romped with new vigor and boldness, and inside, he focused longer on each toy with which he played. Seeing him changing is a treat; he’s a flower bud unfolding.

I received what seemed an ungodly estimate to replace flooring throughout my house. The pricing falls into line relative to today’s inflated world; I will accept it. I must wait for at least three months for my work to begin. Starting delays in work related to construction and remodeling is another factor in times of high demand.

I understand these time and money factors have to do with meeting the demands of an aging population. Retirees and those near retirement have benefitted from high yield times, saving excessive money and upgrading their holdings. I tiptoed into the category, aided by the years of steadily rising markets for stocks and homes.

I remember tiptoeing into the 2005-2006 housing market, excited to buy and remodel a home to increase its resale potential. That rosiness took on a gray tone in 2007 and blackened out in 2008, followed by some years of financial gloom and doom.

Is this cycle different enough, or have key inflation controllers learned enough to prevent another 2008? I will face the situation and have the floors re-done, even while questioning the economic future. Just as most everybody else does, and as most of us did, pre-2008.

Dear Friends: At work today, chickens will have me forgetting all else. Diana

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