At The Ready

Sunday, May 14, 2022

“Flower Moon”, Waxing Gibbous @99.4%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible tonight.

Tonight, witness one of the greatest shows on Earth, a total eclipse occurring early and viewable.

Susie, Dale, and I plan to haul our chairs, cameras, and binoculars to a local park for the sky show. The full Flower Moon will rise shortly after nine p.m. I saw early this morning the setting of last night’s full-enough moon, it was a lovely sight.

Later this Flower Month is my birthday, and I am gifting myself an Apple Computer. Exciting because its graphic capacity accommodates the massive Adobe Suite photo editing software. It is exciting because I want to use Adobe but lack a lightning-fast processor to handle it.

I also wish for a mirrorless camera but can’t justify the purchase. My hesitation could change quickly; one never knows. My problem is inadequate time and energy to hike and photograph because of working part-time. Adobe software possibilities could nudge me toward a highly capable camera and the great outdoors.

Tonight’s photographs will be from the good old cameras and downloads, and via the good old laptop. By next month’s full moon, maybe new equipment will yield eye poppers.

Dear Friends: Hoping you will be out sharing tonight’s sky with us. Diana

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