Spring Event

Monday, May 16, 2022

“Flower Moon” @ Full Moon 99.8%; Next Full Moon, June 14.

I tried to get moving today very early, to download our photos and write. But failing to crawl out of bed, now find myself short of time. Today, I must arrive very early to work.

Last evening, from our beautiful spot overlooking the Deschutes River and the city’s east side, we could see the string of buttes that comprises an eastern horizon. A cloudy sky made the rising moon in eclipse a bit iffy, but we were patient and focused, following its progress.

“We” were Susie, Dale, and me, an occasional adventuring trio of sky scavengers. For all the rising monthly moons we’ve witnessed, last night’s remained fuzzy the longest.

Tomorrow, I’ll write more about May’s rising Flower Moon. The event with lots of friendship, patience, and kindness, was lovely indeed.

Dear Friends: Finally, spring is descending on Central Oregon. Diana

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