Flower Moon

Flower Moon setting, x 2 days

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

“Flower Moon” @ Waning Gibbous 97.1%; Next Full Moon, June 14.

This morning, the Flower Moon was setting in the south. That current almost full Moon is today’s header photo.

On the eve of Flower Moon’s most entire rise, Susie, Dale, and I were in Sawyer Park waiting for the event. We could see the horizon, distant by fifteen-plus miles. It’s the same horizon Susie and I often chase, but this time included a foreground of a city portion with electrical lighting.

Sawyer Park is a high-rise and beautiful perch. Its natural surroundings descend to and allow glimpses of the Deschutes River.

Shortly after we arrived, darkness began to descend. We discovered that two unwelcome factors might interfere with viewing the Moonrise. There was a cloudy sky and reflecting ground lights.

Susie’s technology pinpointed that the moon would rise just to the left of a prominent tree. We waited, peering through the murkiness.

Finally and slowly, the Moon emerged, having risen and already in its scheduled solar eclipse.

We saw the moon more clearly as we headed home. We took away learning that moon chases are best viewed and captured from east of the city, beyond its lights.

Determining spot of moonrise

I am grateful to my friends for introducing me to Sawyer Park. They did the calculating and managing to make our outing an event of witnessing and learning. Despite an uncooperative sky, our mission and experiences were unchanging and fun.

Dear Friends: A solar system is a time machine; it soothes weary Earth residents. Diana

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