Foul News

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

“Flower Moon” @ Waning Gibbous 91.6%; Next Full Moon, June 14.

Today’s header photo captures my dominant hen turkey preparing to roost. While preening, she spreads her tail feathers and can resemble a Tom. I’m embarrassed that she nor her sister have names. I call them “girls.” That deserves remedying, and today I’ll name them.

In today’s perfect weather, my baby ducks will go swimming. I have figured out where and how. These ducklings, active and noisy, run and try to hide when I reach for one, but once caught, are sweet little captives. They will be thrilled in a swimmable tub. I’ll toss in some chopped veggies. A “duck person” told me they love diving for feeder goldfish, but I’m not ready for that.

Today, I will release three young hens from the “integration pen” and let them join the larger flock. They must learn to avoid the flock’s head hen and my cautious turkeys and will, as have previous newbies. I’ll hang around and monitor the learning progress.

In a few weeks, three more hens for release will include my one-eyed rescue, a beautiful Blue Sapphire. She’s done well through infancy and fledgling, but in new situations, temporarily is awkward. That’s understandably so. Eventually, however, upon release, she must be capable of integrating safely into the flock. Otherwise, like “Old Welsummer,” she’ll live as a special pet up at the house.

Dear Friends: A scheduled day of fowl adventures should not run afoul. Diana

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