Thursday, May 19, 2022

“Flower Moon” @ Waning Gibbous 83.9%; Next Full Moon, June 14.

I’m on a quest to learn about vinyl plank flooring, a durable and popular choice for covering floors.

After years of living with multiple dogs, my carpets are stained and dusty. I can’t clear the stains, and consistently heavy dust that ruins vacuums. I’ve worked with all vacuums, from the expensive German-made to many American-made high- and low-priced machines.

As a side note: My horses are in a west-side dry lot. They kick up dust which heavy winds blow directly to my house.

I’ll not get rid of dogs and horses, so it has become necessary to pull my carpeting and install waterproof, stainproof flooring, easy to sanitize and clean. A product of choice is vinyl plank flooring.

Professionals explain to me that vinyl provides a combination of softness and durability. It’s waterproof, resists stains, and cleanable with a wet mop. Pet accidents, water, or mud from outside simply need wiping up. Moreover, vinyl is scratch and scuff resistant.

Today’s economy has made flooring materials expensive. That’s equally so for professional estimates of the cost to refurbish household floors. I’m attempting to wrap my head around all the elements. A helpful move has been exploring with vinyl flooring samples, to see if and how they may reflect and enhance my home’s colors. Some are impactful enough to provide throughout a desirable appearance. Plus, I particularly like one.

So different from years ago when I was new to Central Oregon. Carpeting was the highest roller for floors. I didn’t understand how much dust could blow in from the countryside, nor had I experienced living with aging dogs on carpeting.

Dear Friends: Why do this now? Well, for myself, because it absolutely needs doing. Diana

One thought on “Flooring

  1. We are in the same boat re flooring! But, Lordy, the expense when our estate is taking such a big hit!


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