New Day

Friday, May 20, 2022

May’s Flower Moon now Waning Gibbous @74.5%; Next full moon, June 14.

I’m writing on a new Apple Computer. Setting it up has been messy; I’ve never been a complete Mac person. This switch comes after considering that I carry an iPhone, wear an iWatch, and have an iPad. Hopefully, this machine is is powerful enough to accommodate a large graphics editing package that will allow more creativity with images.

The graphics package will be Adobe, huge and flexible software. It gobbles a chunk of operating system and requires a capable graphics processor. Next week, I will download Adobe and see how well this Mac can handle its possibilities.

Today, after several days off, I will return to my part-time job. I’ll no longer sell chickens but will work as a cashier. That’s my preference, and later I’ll explain more.

Some things I wanted to accomplish over the last couple of days didn’t happen. No chicks got released into the larger flock, no baby ducks went swimming. Both days were very cold with high winds and didn’t invite changes to the status quo. Next week I should have four days off, and If the weather is warm, releases and swims will happen.

This is typical Central Oregon weather. Yesterday, in mid-May, our average temp was in the forties. I wore a winter coat while outside feeding the horses.

Dear Friends: This morning, off to a reasonable start using the new Mac. Diana

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