Sunday, May 22, 2022

Operating a new computer eases with practice. I’m not pushing, haven’t attempted to load the massive editing package that’s on the horizon. First things first, and I’m learning in baby steps to transition between Safari and Windows. There has been progress.

If this computer’s rapid processor can handle a large editing package efficiently, I’ll explore for a new camera. These are activities that could affect Diana’s Morning Blog. I already have reserved web space for “extras” to the Blog. Any changes will occur in baby steps, from the vision in my head to what’s possible in real time.

It’s all about learning, one of my highest priorities. If learning activities diminish all else slows. We mustn’t allow ourselves (i.e., our brains) to become dull. This might be a bigger issue as one ages and opportunities invite a slowing-down. We need to learn from modern brain research, which emphasizes the importance of maintaining strengths from being active physically and processing complex ideas.

That’s enough learning complexity this morning. I’ll soon leave, to resume my part-time job for whatever enhancements that activity offers.

Dear Friends: It seems my wish to expand the Blog is beginning to unfold. Diana

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