Monday, May 23, 2022

At last, my schedule at work has changed. Starting now, I will be off on Mondays through Thursdays, and work as a cashier on Fridays through Sundays. This will free up time to play with my animals and to explore and (hopefully) satisfy my curiosities.

Today, I intend to release several young hens into the flock, to fully become integrated. One is the baby with a missing eye. Generally, she’s done well, learning and gaining perspective, but the more mature and aggressive flock members could blindside her. I’ll evaluate whether to leave her with the flock or bring her to the house as a special needs pet.

Another goal concerns the baby ducks. They need to swim, and today might get a crack at it. I will set up an exercise pen, with a little pool they may use. They dislike being handled and will squawk like crazy while being carried. At last though, in a pen with a pool they’ll discover Duck Heaven.

Dear Friends: I will capture highpoint images and share them. Diana

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