Chase Now

Chase @11 wks

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

He’s nearly three months old and changing rapidly. In appearance, his colors are more defined, body is heavier but still a small package. In action, increasingly he’s a handful, hangs onto my pants-legs, chews my shoes as I walk, bumps into my ankles, nearly always is underfoot. He has needle-sharp teeth and claws.

My poor cat, Maxwell, is a favorite wrestling target. Max is tolerant, plays with the pup until it becomes too much. It’s over when Max roars angrily and smacks the puppy. A focused paw lands with claws and rids the nuisance. In moments, caution forgotten, puppy re-attacks Max.

The pup fights instinctively. He positions his hip to land blows that will broadside Max. Puppy tries this as well against his other key playmate, Mitzvah. She’s quick, much rougher than the cat, keeps puppy on the defensive. This game little fellow hangs in through the action she forces, until I rescue him.

This pure mutt should remain handsome. It’s a guess as to how he’ll grow and appear eventually. His skinny tail is as interesting as himself, doing all sorts of things, curving up or down, twisting in funny ways, and wagging vigorously.

Dear Friends: Through it all, the pup’s consistent good humor is very catching! Diana

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