Thursday, May 26, 2022

Steps are moving ahead to having all my carpeting removed and installing moisture- and (almost) damage-proof vinyl. I have selected a pattern (header photo) that goes well with my home’s light and dark structural woods and stone chimney. The installer and I tested the pattern throughout the house, wanting it to reflect the natural highlights of wood and stone. It does.

Moreover, this vinyl will resist typical damage from dogs. Mine live with me inside and outside, and over the years have ruined the carpet. The dogs are housebroken, but after some surgeries, or as they age, brain-to-body communications become less dependable. Finally, my carpeting is shot.

I’ve considered re-carpeting but the dogs discourage that. The dogs are invaluable alarm systems which I like. Recently, I learned about waterproof vinyl flooring, and after exploring decided to move ahead. My changeover will be room-by-room, consisting of moving furniture, ripping-up and removing carpeting, and laying new flooring.

This will be a significant upgrade. I will have to preserve by packing, and to downsize by discarding. I can remain in-home through the work, and through dust from old carpeting and confusion, like, “Where is this or that?”

A big decision and only the beginning.

Dear Friends: Guessing I will be living at Eight Pines for more years. Diana

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