Wisdom Needed

Friday, May 27, 2022

Another mass slaughtering, by an angry young male, of helpless schoolchildren and their classroom teachers. It’s America’s worst nightmare, an AR-15 (designed to explode bodies) aiming at fish in a barrel. It’s a familiar tragedy again acted-out and still unresolvable by America’s fundamentally divided congress.

Preceded by the shooter’s message to a confidant that he will do something and make a huge statement. His rampage began by pointing the AR-15 into his grandmother’s face and shooting her. That she’s surviving is a miracle. That another twenty-plus humans are dead from that vicious weapon is unspeakably awful.

Easily accessible public places, like schools, grocery stores, massage parlors, and shopping malls, provide easy-killing targets. Powerful weapons, which represent outlets for entrenched anger, frustration, and overpowering mental illness, inspire internal psychotic phantasies. At the utmost levels becoming acted out.

It’s impossible to categorize freedom of weapon acquisitions and mental illness into two categories, separate and treatable. Killing-weapons are fantasy stimulants. Many people have self-control and many do not. Repeatedly, we have witnessed mass slaughterings of helpless people, often conducted by young men.

American cultures are polarizing; the positions bubbling ever-larger. Aside from America’s mass destructions, other nations, too, are polarized. The world’s players, negotiating among highly polarized perspectives, must avoid triggering a perfect storm.

Dear Friends: Our modern world lacking a Gandhi needs a palpable voice of sanity. Diana

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