Chasing Platforms

Chase @ 3 months

Wednesday, June 01, 2021

I’m still trying to work out the problems of writing and publishing on this site. Word Press has its live techies contacting me. They can’t figure out what’s wrong. From my perspective, if while writing I save this blog, I can retrieve it, but can’t edit or publish it. An odd situation.

So, today I’ll write straight through without periodic savings, to publish a complete draft. Please forgive any spelling and grammar errors that I might overlook.

The problems with saving and retrieving have me starting to blog on another highly-rated site, That platform might work out as well, or better, for writing and publishing. As my blogs transition to the new platform, I will publish links to them on this Word page. If the Word Press problems aren’t resolvable, maybe readers will change over to VIX with me.

My puppy Chase is twice the size he was when I adopted him. He’s grown taller but still is a little guy. His teeth are everywhere, grabbing at my clothing, digging into my skin, reminding me of why I’ve vowed never to raise a young puppy again. Well, we will get through this.

Mitzvah is helping. She’s a Jack Russell/Poodle mix, slightly older and still a little larger than Chase. Her energy level matches the puppy’s, and they play for hours before collapsing. She used to appear much larger but lately he’s catching up. I suspect he’ll eventually wind up to be about her size.

So, here’s a good morning draft, straight through. Now to find if it’s a publishable piece.

Dear Friends: Thanks for staying with me through days of technical confusion. Diana

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