Rolling Along

Mariah and Chase

Thursday, June 02, 2022

Chase puppy visited Wilco yesterday afternoon and was a big hit. His first time in a busy public place, the brave little fellow enjoyed attention. Folks couldn’t get enough of him.

We were there for a couple of reasons. First, Chase needed a halter that fits him and we found one. He’s also due for a second vaccination, and we brought home the shot.

A key, reason we were at Wilco was my intent to quit my job. In the wings, I have new employment starting next week. This has occurred quickly, on a single day. I was interviewed, hired, background-checked, drug-tested, and notified to be at two orientations next week.

Things at Wilco didn’t go as I had hoped. The store was in confusion. Its manager, Bobby, had just quit his job. The assistant manager, Donna, was super busy, on the phone and arranging next steps. It wasn’t an appropriate time to get Donna’s attention. Still, I had to give notice.

I decided to leave my job at Wilco because I was uncomfortable with Bobby’s soft style of managing. I prefer a more structured environment and strong leadership. Yesterday coming home, I debated staying with Wilco and seeing the changeover, discontinuing my plan to leave. Finally, I decided to move ahead and give notice to Wilco.

I did so in the best way possible, in light of Donna’s situation and my time crunch. I emailed her and she’s not responded. Today, I will go to Wilco hoping to speak with her.

I’ll end this morning’s note on that cliffhanger.

Dear Friends: It’s a day to roll with the punches, no perfect ending in sight. Diana

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