Ducks In Order

Flock Guardian

Friday, June 03, 2022

The Word Press Techies finally identified a problem blocking my attempts to publish. They suggested that I try a different browser. I did and after testing the process found everything working correctly. I can continue publishing on Word Press.

I had begun to develop an alternate site and will continue. If the other platform proves more powerful with better blogging options, I will transfer to it. Fortunately, I’ve no longer an immediate need to depart Word Press.

About my upcoming job change, good news. I heard from Donna, acting manager at Wilco where I work part-time, and we are in sync. I will work this weekend, and on one day next week. The extra workday will increase my payout by including earned vacation time. Donna was kind about my abrupt departure, and we discussed horseback riding together this summer.

Next week, I will start working as a cashier at the low-price supermarket, Winco. That is farther from home with tougher road traffic and longer working hours. The grocery chain appears to offer the high structure and energy that I prefer.

I’ve another preference: to avoid a working environment with adoptable animals. I’ve learned my vulnerability!

Dear Friends: Some new adventures of aging, in a Covid-changed world. Diana

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