Free (kind of) at last!

Saturday, June 04, 2022

The young ducks have begun living totally outside in (what was) a dog run. The large enclosure is well-fenced, safe from predators, and preventive of duckling escapees. A large Dogloo inside has a bed of straw. Beside it is is a wading pool and plenty of duck pellets. When I toss chopped kale and dried mealworms into their wading pool, the ducks are in heaven.

All my chicken babies are out and being integrated into the mature flock. Except for two babies that will be ready for fledgling in a couple of weeks. I’m watching the little one-eye who’s doing well among the flock, but whether she adequately can hold her own remains questionable. If I continue doubting, she’ll relocate to the house as a companion to my retired twelve-year-old Wellsummer (she BTW has laid another egg).

Today is my penultimate day of working for Wilco, at least during this week. After tomorrow, I will work there on one day next week. Meanwhile, during the week, I’ll be orientating and starting to work at Winco. A busy and exciting transition period.

More about all this soon.

Dear Friends: New pictures coming of puppy; he’s approaching Mitzvah in size. Diana

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