Sunday, June 05, 2022

Today will be my next-to-last working in the part-time job I’ve held for six months. In midweek, I’ll move into a new position at the local Winco, a supermarket in a large cost-cutting chain.

Work in a supermarket might not sound exciting, but will be meaningful to me. I’ve begun to understand today’s employee issues, the scarcity of good applicants in environments now requiring them. I find myself even at an advanced age considered a good hire.

In recent months, I’ve worked with young people generations behind me and learned about them. Young workers technically are great and quickly grasp rules and requirements. What’s lacking often in modern, relatively inexperienced employees, is understanding when to apply common sense as opposed to following rules. Common sense that veers from rules is appropriate if it’s explainable and justifiable.

Common sense is an element that experienced teaches. Wise interviewers “hear it” in the voices of post-retirees. That tone and a retiree’s working history suggest a good employment candidate.

All those have renewed my relationship to the world beyond home and property. It’s renewed some relationship to myself. For instance, I am aware of a more active brain and good memory. Working recalls significant elements of education and experience that I put into action. Yes, in today’s economy, I am a good candidate.

All that’s fun to think about. And, after grasping my Winco job and work schedule, I will reactivate other key interests. I’ll ride horseback, hike with the dogs, play with a camera, and toy with images.

Dear Friends: Whatever one’s age, there’s always potential and a future. Diana

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