Louie, 2022

Louie, early evening

Monday, June 05, 2022

After a workdday I exit my Jeep at the barn, to feed the horses before going up to the house. Louie watches intently. He loves balls and if invited to join me will hurry to a neighbor’s and search for a ChuckIt Ball. He’ll steal and bring it, insisting physically and noisily that I toss so he can chase.

That’s why Louie is fenced off when I’m in the barn area. I don’t mind his ball-stealing, for I simply toss them back to where they belong. I worry that Louie is thirteen years old and now somewhat arthritic. If a territorial dog spots and chases the little guy, he’d be toast.

Louie is bold, in his head believing himself a kingpin. Often he stiff-legs around my larger dogs and tries to growl them into submission. Thankfully, they mostly ignore him.

I’ve learned to appreciate Louie’s odd quirks. They’re companions to the marble eyes that confuse where Louie might be focusing. He has a great “stink-eye look” that deters would-be Louie-petters in stores. When he accompanies me, many become attracted by my small merle-coated dog, but far as Louie is concerned, he’s mine, only mine, and untouchable by strangers.

That is, except for those who display great comfort being around dogs. Louie recognizes and enjoys petters that don’t get put off by his little-big-man attitude. Those folks make Louie’s eyes soften.

Louie, early morning

Dear Friends: Little Louie, brave and loyal, always a wonderful trail buddy. Diana

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