Turkey Day

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

The dye is cast, and today there’s an order going forward for vinyl flooring that I selected after reviewing pattern choices.

I try to re-imagine throughout my house, first, the carpeted floors becoming carpet-less, and then, recovered with vinyl in a wood-like pattern. My installer says to stop imagining, and instead, start packing away the tchotchkes, on display in large cases that he must move before stripping and recovering floors.

Tomorrow starts my new job at the supermarket, Winco. I haven’t a weekly schedule and regardless of what it might become, I must engage actively in packing and tossing. Let the downsizing begin!

The header photo shows one of my turkeys close-up for petting. Both of my friendly hen turkeys are about a year old. Currently they’re laying and are broody, setting on their eggs and those from chickens in the community nest. Some of the chicken hens also are broody and taking turns with turkeys on the eggs. It’s illogical to imagine a turkey hatching a chicken or a chicken hatching a turkey, so I pull all the eggs. The turkeys are aware that I’m removing their eggs and object by following me closely with noisy squeaks and whistles.

Dear Friends: On this last employment-free-day, my to-dos are overwhelming. Diana

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