Big Day Ahead

Chase, @ ~15 weeks old

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Today will be my first in a new job. A year ago, the supermarket, WinCo, part of a huge cut-rate grocery chain, moved into town. Many of us looking forward to WinCo’s arrival waited through months of renovation to the building that would hold it. We cheered its opening, which occurred just ahead of the pandemic.

Like most businesses during the pandemic, WinCo had difficulty finding and maintaining adequate staffing. Occasionally, some departments remained dark; but as promised, it remained well-stocked and accessible twenty-four hours daily.

Very impressive, as the pandemic forced many businesses to close. Stores couldn’t staff and merchandise adequately, and potential customers were staying at home.

Last week, I was interviewed for a job at WinCo and learned it’s a large chain. Founded in 1967 and based in Boise, WinCo is privately held; owned by former and current employees through a employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). The chain has 126 stores and 20,000 employees. WinCo has large distribution centers stocking its stores, in Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, and Montana.

Thanks to the six months I worked at Wilco, I’ve the marketable skill of opearting a busy cash register. Cashiering often is an entry-level position, and where I’ll start with WinCo.

Dear Friends: Today, I’ll gain insight into the store’s culture and learn much more. Diana

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