Starting Small

Thursday, June 09, 2022

One of my baby chickens has begun laying eggs. They’re small as Bantam eggs, although none of my hens are Bantams. The bland color of shells doesn’t point toward any particular hens. This morning for breakfast I will poach mystery hen’s eggs. They’ll gradually enlarge as she matures.

The middle egg, pictured for comparison, is from a turkey. I do love turkey eggs. My two turkey girls are laying and they’re broody. I have to shove one or both aside before collecting eggs, theirs and the chickens’. Shoving aside a turkey isn’t easy. She’s heavy, can be stubborn, and knows I’m after the eggs. Her bellowing replaces her usual soft squeaks and whistles.

Those critters and my others offer relief and fun after my full days of working. Yesterday, I was oriented into my new job, had to tolerate hours of video training. Each module ended with test questions which I had to answer correctly or couldn’t exit. I became a figure only half-alive, brain-dead and incredibly sleepy, but somehow got through the process.

Today, I’ll work at a cash register. Better, because it’s hands-on learning. I wonder how well my current register skills may transition to another business. Hopefully soon, I’ll start working independently.

As of now, my pets and I must adapt to changed conditions. They will eat according to my new schedule and won’t like it, nor will I, but we will do what’s needed. Welcome wages will contribute to new flooring that’s scheduled for my home.

Dear Friends: Ahead, new challenges, new friends, new learning, new fun. Diana

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