Friday, June 10, 2022

Last month, I made a mistake by switching to IOS from Windows. The transition hasn’t been smooth and I’m unhappy with the Apple Computer. Changing operating systems has messed up some platforms I use, like this Word Press.

A key interference is that I’m adapting to new working conditions and having to alter home routines. I can’t focus on researching, fiddling, and learning to operate the Apple smoothly. At least (and finally), I can get into Word Press and write a blog. Now, a problem is that I can’t locate photos saved to Apple and insert them into blogs.

The header photo is from a couple of years ago and not related to a theme. I like the image and wish to go horseback riding in this fine weather. This photo is up, because I could find and insert it in today’s blog.

I’ll keep working to learn how to save and retrieve photos. Meanwhile, this is a quick good morning to readers.

I spent all of yesterday at work “shadowing” a cash register operator, meaning I watched as she worked. All good, until I began jerking myself awake and couldn’t keep paying attention. Well, that’s how the store trains. Today, however, I will request to operate a register by myself. For awhile, I won’t work quickly, but will learn and that’s the goal.

Also, the checking clerk I watched yesterday is twenty years old. A surprise, that someone too young to drink legally can sell beer and wine. She was rigorous about checking IDs of buyers appearing too young to drink. I will ask about this, just curious.

Dear Friends: Get yourselves outside, enjoy this beautiful day. Diana

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