Beautiful, quirky, Osix

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Yesterday was my second day on the job and I asked to work at “my own” register. The Leads appeared surprised but assigned me to one located near an experienced cashier. She kindly assisted when I got stuck and early on that was often. Eventually my glitches became fewer, and by shift-end, I could reasonably well process customers through.

The fastest cashiers can rattle off product sku numbers from memory, which I’ll never do with any competence, for my brain doesn’t process numbers efficiently. I can’t count as well as I can process words; but experience teaches that I am flexible. I can figure out how to elevate my performance and be a winner in this new game.

The store has lots of employees, mostly on their toes and aware of what’s going on and who’s doing what. It’s similar to my former cashiering job but on steriods. This store is a one-stop, and convenient workplace for almost everything. I’ll need to shop elsewhere mainly for clothing and farm animal products.

Except that I want make some furniture changes. That might take traveling to Portland and finding Ikea.

Dear Friends: Interesting and absorbing, the inner world of commerce. Diana

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