Goodbye, box

Sunday, June 12, 2022

This will be another day of work, once again back at Wilco. I owe the store a day to receive earned vacation time. I’ll purchase goods for upcoming needs while my employee discount exists. There’s much I will miss about Wilco, it’s a kind environment.

My new workplace, Winco, is a super busy store. I’m at a register checking out people and the lines are constant. I’m learning on the job, making minor mistakes but not hurting the store. Getting quicker is my essential goal. I’m not memorizing product codes but can find them faster.

Because we’re busy, working hours pass quickly. So far, so good.

A couple of ex-coworkers from Costco suddenly appeared at my check-stand at the same time. We celebrated a brief reunion. Word’s out, that I’ve moved on!

Rain, beautiful rain, we’ve been getting it. Not heavy, no downpours, but daily drizzles. I’ll call my hay-guy hoping to learn his crop will be good. It’s been very dry, making hay hard to find and very expensive. Many of us having horses worry about gaining enough hay to carry our animals through another year. Keep coming, rain!

Incoming populations are making Oregon liberal enough that a gun control measure may get onto the next ballot. If so, hopefully, gun control resisters won’t misbehave. Gun control and abortion issues make some individuals crazy and heighten an already tense environment.

On that note, I’ll sign off now.

Dear Friends: Everything changes constantly, and too little changes really. Diana

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