Living Art

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

This morning, art is on my mind. Before my flooring expert arrives, I must wrap and store the many pieces displayed in cabinets. The cabinets will be moved before the labor can start, of pulling carpeting and recovering floors with vinyl. For weeks ahead my house will be full of dust and confusion.

It’s surprising to find how accustomed I am to my art collection. I infrequently focus on individual pieces, and now considering how to pack objects makes them come alive again. I have some wonderful pieces, many by Oregon artists. I collected them on first moving here when for awhile I worked at the beautiful Mockingbird Gallery.

Later, I became involved with horses and all else slipped into the background.

As an aging person, I must consider returning my pieces of fine art to the larger world. I have enjoyed them and would miss their presence, but quality art deserves continuing admiration. Mine should become available to collectors.

The header image from my camera represents my own fine art. This accidental capture turned out to be striking, and special, too. It revealed my changing perspective on evolving into less a city-girl, becoming more a country-type.

Dear Friends: Art both reveals and connects us to humanity’s magnificence. Diana

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