Kennel Dilemma

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Before my last employed day at a feed store I purchased a kennel I’ve loved. Over months of marketing this model to customers with pets, I’ve wanted the kennel, too. It’s large with a walk-in door and fencing fabric consisting of rectangles smaller at bottom and larger upward.

Moreover this kennel completely is modular, comes apart anywhere to adjust length or height. As another plus, it has a roof.

The store had only one left, an assembled model on display. That’s the one I bought. I wanted to avoid having to reassemble the kennel and requested it be loaded, fully assembled, onto my big trailer. It took four burly warehouse guys to lift and shift around the unit while deciding how to load it. They couldn’t make it fit straight in, as today’s header photo shows.

I had to have help on the unloading end. I called upon my neighbors, Bill, Grant, Susie, and Dale, each more competent spatially than me. They gave me time in their busy evening, came to help unload my tilted kennel.

Before they arrived, the job was looming ever larger in my head and seemed un-doable.

Those wonderful folks came and made the process seem “easier than easy.” They unloaded the kennel, set it where I wished, and pointed out where the base needs adjusting for maximum safety and security.

I got into my truck, was attempting to turn around the rig, unsuccessfully, when Dale kindly offered to help. He hopped into the cab and backed its heavy trailer up the hill. He turned around the rig.

My friends! You made everything seem a piece of cake!

Later, Susie and I regrouped, as we had planned. We chased the rising of June’s full “Strawberry” Super Moon. Today before writing about that incredible Moon and sharing our pictures, I wished to say thank you to wonderful friends.

Thank you, for showing up and creating closure to my kennel dilemma.

Dear Friends: Caring and kindness enrich, and expand possibilities. Diana

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