Super Strawberry


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Susie and I were waiting in a farmer’s field east of the city for the rise of this June’s Strawberry Super Moon. We were alert with cameras poised for the earliest light over a dark horizon.

Strawberry Moon did not disappoint. It was magnificent in size and color.

Rising Higher

Strawberry’s clarity made it nearly impossible to conceive that it’s distant by about a quarter of a million miles. Astonishingly despite distance Moons highly are visible. It’s especially exciting to see one rising over a dark horizon.

Regardless of how often we have gone sighting for full moons, each rising of an alight globe enthralls Susie and me.

Here Strawberry is higher and fully visible.


The awe of experiencing makes us envy people who live in the distant farmhouses and nightly enjoy unobstructed moon views. It also has me wishing for a new camera with expanded capabilities.

I will begin to research cameras. I hope my wants aren’t beyond what’s possible and affordable.

Dear Friends: Sunlight makes Earth’s little planet a magnificent sight. Diana

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