Space & Light

Sunday, June 19, 2020

Yesterday, my flooring team arrived and did lots of prep work. They brought a load of the vinyl product that will replace my home’s wall-to-wall carpeting, now old and ravaged by generations of dogs. The guys took to the dump old carpeting and some furniture pieces I no longer want.

A space that becomes more open transforms where one focuses. Today, I’m without a large sofa absorbing my vision, and my eyes go to walled art that’s prominent again. Experiencing open space is refreshing.

Very different from my preferences years ago. I furnished my then-new home to my then-vision and loved it. I didn’t anticipate how over time perspectives can change as might preferences. Trends, passions and interests coming and going can alter one’s experiences and impressions.

I’ll do some replacement refurnishing. All new pieces will be minimal to foster a refreshing perception of open space.

The header photo is a close-up of my soon-to-be flooring, “Water Lillies.” The photo below shows it covering a floor in an area far more more modern and spacious than mine. I zeroed in on this pattern, helped by my very experienced installer, expecting it to reflect the light wood of my ceilings.

Dear Friends: Adventure time in a home that’s in upheaval. Diana

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