Socially Oriented

Monday, June 20, 2022

Mark Shields has died at age 85. He was my favorite political commentator through his years of weekly appearances on the PBS Newshour. Shields was a political insider, a liberal Democrat, thoughtful and knowledgeable about “everything and everybody, Washington D.C.”

My favorite years of his commentaries on The Newshour were those he shared with David Gergen, a reasonable Republican whom I admired. Gergen’s observations from a conservative standpoint were as meaningful and balanced as Shields’ from a liberal standpoint. I rarely missed their Friday appearances and from both men gained clarity relative to the nature of political maneuvering.

I would apperciate today hearing them speaking about America’s gridlocked government, overweight Supreme Court, gerrymandering issues, and gun-ownership politics. But really don’t need to, I could sense of their positions on those matters. Just would like, again, an opportunity to listen-in and think with them.

Here’s more about Mark Shields, his background and perspective,

Today’s PBS Newshour might offer highlight clips of his appearances on the show. I’ll watch for them and remember pre-Trumpian politics.

Dear Friends: Shields had a distinctive appearance, rather like a real-life Columbo. Diana

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