Wild Sego Lilly

Wednesday, June 21, 2022

The local weather finally is warming. We’re at this year’s midpoint, for Tuesday is the summer solstice.

This year, Central Oregon has been a cool enclave in contrast to other areas bathing in sweltering heat. I’ve not readjusted my closet, am still reaching for cold weather wear and winter jackets. Until yesterday, when it became warmer, and I wore a short-sleeve t-shirt while working outside.

Tuesday will be this year’s longest day. After that, our daily sunlight doses will begin dwindling and starting us toward fall and winter. Fall is a great season in this part of the country, the weather warms in a way that’s fine. Here it’s a pretty season offering great outings, and for me pleasant horseback riding.

Today, I’ll adjust my closet so that summer items easily are grabbable.

Fortunately, this high desert has received rain and might yield decent hay crops. That’s my next challenge, finding enough hay. My usual grower thinks he’ll have some, but he’s a country guy with an old country style, he doesn’t oversell. The typical price from a feed store for a two-string (~90 lbs.) bale of grass hay is $25.00. My equines and goats consume a bale easily within two days.

Dear Friends: With high hopes for warmth, rain, hay, and outside adventures. Diana

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