Thursday, June 23, 2022

Welcome, really warm weather! Finally, we Central Oregonians may change our closets by moving December wear to the rear and putting summer clothing up front. Yesterday at work, exchanges between customers and me mostly were appreciating the welcome weather.

That’s all I have time to write now as this is another early-at-work day. My mind is busy scheduling to-dos, they will consume my moments until leaving home. Yesterday, during my first early-at-work half-hour, my register was dead. Once customers began unloading baskets, my line became nonstop. Today should be the same.

Some of my coworkers seem interesting. Take for example, Sarah, a retiree. She was born in Holland, raised in England, and for many adult years lived in Ecuador. She and others with hefty backgrounds might help me feel less like a fish out of water in a workplace environment.

Okay, I must get ready to leave!

Dear Friends: Wishing you chances in lovely summer to be out and about. Diana

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