Friday, June 24, 2022

Today and tomorrow mornings are my last scheduled to start working at 7:30 a.m.

Well, working “there” means first accomplishing bunches of needed work here before leaving. Once in the store, it becomes a non-stop busy day at my cash register.

Checking out early morning groceries is an eye-opener. I’m surprised by the kinds of items people purchase, for example, high quantities of alcoholic products passing my register particularly are noticeable because I’m prompted to check a buyer’s ID.

There also are purchases, and aplenty, of junk foods, like donuts and candy.

Some people simply are early birds, getting ahead of the crowd and doing their shopping. Others have a business agenda and purchase in huge quantities, perhaps for restaurants and store shelves.

I’m practicing how to “read” grocery shoppers. I’m working with a game of guessing how they might pay their tabs. Depending on the types and amounts of products being purchased, I estimate if payment will be from food stamps, cash, or debit cards. I’m usually wrong, but gaming helps my brain stay awake.

I’ve never given a thought to what a register operator might be thinking about my purchases and me.

Dear Friends: Pimmy is braying, roosters are crowing; I must go feed critters. Diana

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