Embracing The Odds

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Thankfully, my early-to-work mornings will end today, at least for a while. I’ve struggled to take care of my animals and position myself for leaving to work by seven a.m. Soon I’ll get another early shift, because we’re rotated, and fair enough. Maybe I’ll be organized to leave easily when next in the hopper.

Like most Americans I anticipated correctly how the Supreme Court would rule on two major situations. Nonetheless, I felt great disappointment, anger, and frustration on learning that the Court’s Majority did overturn the New York City gun carry law and Roe v. Wade.

I am a product of the era that enabled R v. W. Finally, women could decide whether to go through a pregnancy. For a change, we no longer had to depend on men to support unwanted babies. Finally free from kitchens and child-raising we had new opportunities.

We could work outside the home, could step beyond our dreams by becoming formally educated, finding careers, and being self-supporting. I explored the new freedom, became educated, found rewarding work, and took for granted that a Law would last.

Young people today see the world differently than did my generation. They will have to visualize and make their own future acceptable. Their achievements might or might not resemble my generation’s. It will be interesting to see how today’s youth cope with the overwhelmingly powerful elderly in our Congress and Judiciary.

These days I find myself coping backwards. It’s for performing baseline work in a modern retail establishment, which by the way is managed by younger people. I’ll find what’s possible to learn from them, and hope to interpret through their eyes modern social and political events.

It’s good that me likes the modern retail establishment, for again this morning it’s squeezing my freedom.

Dear Friends: Everything that happens can be a learning happening. Diana

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