Mutt No More

Standard Manchester Terrier puppy, breed photo

Monday, June 27, 2022

Yesterday, it struck me that my five month old puppy might not be a pure mutt. For whatever reason while watching him run, a breed popped into my mind, one I’ve not thought of in years. After doing some online research, I discovered myself onto something. I believe my puppy is a Manchester Terrier! He resembles a purebred in appearance, energy, and activities.

A photo from the internet matches to a tee my puppy, Chase. The AKC notes that it’s easy to recognize a MT, by its tight coat of rich mahogany tan and jet black, head long and wedge-shaped with tan spots above the eyes pointing up a watchful expression. A Manchester’s running motor has good reach in front, with a propulsive rear drive, powered by a muscular caboose.

All that’s my Chase! Plus, he has a Manchester’s long skinny tail which flexes that caboose.

I adopted him while working at Wilco, a local animal feed store. He was eight weeks old, carried into the store by a woman who claimed to represent a Warm Springs pet adoption facility. (Warm Springs is a Native American Reservation nearby in Central Oregon.) He was tired and quiet and adorable.

In a day or two, once rested and well-fed his “tired and quiet” disappeared. They were replaced by an increasingly active and fast. Over our couple of months, he’s demonstrated unstoppable energy, is a great match for my other energetic puppy, Mitzvah. She’s a Jack Russell. Those two play until they drop.

I’ve felt curious about a consistency of appearance as he grows. His coat texture and coloring haven’t changed, his body has sleeked, and conformation appears efficient and consistent. He doesn’t seem a typical puppy-mill mutt.

So popped into my head, Manchester Terrier. According to the AKC, Manchesters combine the streamlined grace of a small coursing hound and the instincts of a fearless Rat Terrier. I appreciate Rat Terriers, focused and fast, have wished for one to control barn and shop mice.

Chase is active and quick, it’s challenging to get a good photo of him. These from several weeks ago show his resemblance to breed.

Purebred is irrelevant, Chase is a great puppy. If not a named breed, he’s likely a future capable mouser.

Dear Friends: Today, I’ll try to capture good photos of buddies Chase and Mitzvah. Diana

One thought on “Mutt No More

  1. He is cute ! I had a rat terrier , we lost him this year at 18 years old ! Take care & happy 4th to you! Debbie


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