A Hike With Puppies

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Today is Summer Solstice! This day in our hemisphere has the longest daylight time in 2022.

I hiked with the dogs yesterday and took lots of pictures. This morning my Apple Computer won’t recognize my Canon Camera. I’ve troubleshooted the problem unsuccessfully and need help from someone more informed technically. I’ll work on that.

Meanwhile, the two puppies, Mitzvah and Chance, on their first real outing running loose in a BLM. That was their first time out with the whole pack. The puppies having never seen a body of water needed a safe introduction, so we were at a BLM where a narrow irrigation runs through.

Initially, both puppies were timid and frightened by the noisy canal. My older dogs knowing the area ran way ahead. I encouraged the puppies who followed bit by bit while exploring the canal banks. Suddenly, Chase took a plunge. Hearing a splash, I turned and saw him swimming easily for a few strokes. He crawled out, shook off water, and immediately became a different, bolder, puppy. He played along the bank-side, drinking and occasionally splashing into the water.

Mitzvah needed longer to gain confidence. She tiptoed to the water’s edge, fearful and hesitating to drink. Eventually, following Chase, she managing to start drinking. Mitzvah never did swim, but she began going frequently to the water, winding up with her legs and belly dripping wet.

We turned to hike back to the car and both puppies followed, playing hard, not needing my encouragement. They were having a great time.

I will figure out how to download the photos for another blog.

Noticeable was my Miles, a once fastest and most athletic trail buddy. Now almost ten years old, he has become arthritic. Miles is a great swimmer, but yesterday had difficulty exiting the canal. His rear barely could push his body up the bank. After our hike, he needed my help to climb into the Jeep’s front seat where he rides. For years, Miles ran over miles of trails with my horses and me. He was an outstanding athlete.

Dear Friends: Such fun out there; pictures will tell the story more, and better. Diana

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