Registering A Chuckle

Thursday, June 30, 2022

I have worked a full month at the supermarket WinCo. I like the well-managed store with alert and helpful co-workers. Time has sped; in two months I’ll start receiving employee benefits, including an excellent ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan).

Now working at a bottom level, I recall my very-early jobs. While I was a kid, my mom said to learn typing, a sure skill for finding work. I became a fast accurate typist and worked as a secretary. Today, that’s sort of repeating. After learning cash register skills, I gained entry to WinCo. If my current position were to disappoint, new experience in groceries could carry me to a register at Safeway or Albertson’s.

I chuckle at this. I hold a Ph.D., have spent years in complex corporations working as an organizational expert. Now in this small city, my formal education and organizational skills are relevant only in my head. More generally relevant–and right up there with knowing how to type–are job-specific skills.

I am proud of having a viable entry to contemporary workplaces. I approach my role at WinCo with humor and good will, and look forward to gaining worker benefits. I’m pleased that the education in my head provides insights to the chain’s success.

It’s all fun, gaining information, insight, and learning, while punching cash register keys.

Dear Friends: A shout-out, thanking Mom (again!) for practical good advice. Diana

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