Port In A Storm

Friday, July 01, 2022

Recent Supreme Court decisions are like a bad superego generating concerns that push Putin’s War into background. How does one with limited reading time follow news of high interest? Topics like, Roe, climate management, the Terrible Thomases (et al), and Ukraine.

I scan major newspapers making notes for later reading. But on returning to key issues, I discover many updates with possibilities that muddy a reader’s focus.

Ukraine is in terrible trouble, post-Roe women are in terrible trouble, climate change management is in terrible trouble. We anticipate ahead more social-related decisions from America’s highest court, reinvigorating gender conflicts. Hey, I’ve not yet mentioned always-bubbling interracial and immigration issues.

People may wonder why I choose to have a job. There are many reasons, none really simple. One is that working equates to stretches of time focused on what’s immediate. Sure work is tiring, but relieves a worrying over social and political issues.

Dear Friends: Having ranted, I will point myself toward “cash register-relief.” Diana

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