Noisy Lights

Saturday, July 02, 2022

Surrounding me, my dogs are chewing on pigs’ ears. All but two have finished their treats. One still chewing is Mitzvah, now surrounded by would-be takers of her prize. Louie, too, is chewing, and no other dares challenge his ownership.

My other attention is on the rising sun. Today will be beautiful. More so because I have the day off from my supermarket job. Yesterday, during a “perfect storm” (payday, holiday weekend, and great weather) customers slammed the store and purchased from early to late.

July Fourth isn’t a holiday that I enjoy. This City will be shooting fireworks off a nearby butte and lighting up the sky. The area here is trending very dry and hopefully sparks won’t light up the ground. Besides, noisy fireworks frighten animals. Tonight, while trying to keep my dogs calm, I will worry about my horses during the hour of noises and lighting clusters.

Today, my floor guy is coming to complete one room. I must get it ready. Later, I will go down the street to check on a horse that’s temporarily being housed in a neighbor’s pasture. I understand the animal’s owner might be in transition and busy. I’ve been alerted that the trough might need filling with water.

The pasture owner is out of town. Its on his pasture that my horses often graze during winters. The large water-trough for some reason is an awkward distance from the nearest faucet. I have a hose of correct length to fill it, giving the animal plenty of days with access to water.

I hope that lone horse will be okay through this night’s noises and displays.

Dear Friends: Have a pleasant and above all safe Fourth. Diana

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