Sunday, July 3, 2022

Today begins my second month cashiering for the supermarket chain, WinCo. I like working in the well-managed cost-cutting store. Its customers fairly represent this area’s growing and increasingly diverse population.

I like diversity but dislike coping with heavier vehicle traffic. Nearly always on my way to work, I’m surprised by unexpected sights, apartment buildings, road closures, new construction projects.

There’s also our weather.

Yesterday, in a heartbeat, the temperature dropped from beautiful t-shirt weather in the seventies, cooling about thirty degrees. Besides that sudden cold, the change brought thunder and lightening, rain and hail. Several hours of all!

Loud noises terrify my dogs, Miles and Osix. If we’re out hiking and suddenly hear from far or near a gunshot, both leave and race to the Jeep (it’s hatch remains open for hiding purposes). On arriving I may find Miles curled low in a passenger seat and Osix flat on a floormat.

At a first thunderclap while he’s home, Miles seeks some way into the house. At an open window, he rips its screen and tries climbing inside. Otherwise, he’s at the sliding glass doors, thumping and scratching, “Help me!”

Yesterday, I was home to let dogs inside. Today, I’ll be away, and forewarned of storms ahead, will leave windows shut. To soothe anxieties, my deck offers a row of DogLoos, each protects against the elements and sports a soft cushion.

Dear Friends: The thunder is a prelude to tomorrow’s fireworks! Oy vey. Diana

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