Enlightening The Fourth

George Eliot

Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy July Fourth! If you’re so inclined enjoy this day along with many who are like-minded.

Yesterday, we checkers continually were busy in the supermarket. Never-ending lines of folks checked out, their carts filled with salad-stuff, beer, wine, giant cuts of meat.

Independence Day. It’s a trigger-time for Booze & BBQ, dredging-up the good old days.

Those Good Old Days preceded our current worries, our overwhelming economic, social, and political issues. Modern issues pop up, seemingly only for seconds, and become superseded by mind-boggling newer concerns.

We’re living contemporary history that’s passing in the blink of an eye. Before our key current concerns can be worked through to meaningful extents, new concerns arise and divert our attention.

I’m going to check out from worrying and think less about what might happen regarding Ukraine, Roe, climate change, and etc. I’m returning to literature, and yes, starting today will read–serious stuff, written in earlier times and alluding to what we’re experiencing today.

I’m not kidding about “earlier times” writings. For one thing, I plan to re-read George Eliot. My first time reading her, I was a lightweight thinker and didn’t consider larger significance to her work. Now I will approach it differently.

Recently, I’ve become aware of talented writers, active from about the late thirties through the early 2000’s. I’m sampling short stories by incredibly excellent writers whom I’ve not known previously. Articles in the NYT have introduced me to Grace Paley, Bette Howland, and Lucia Berlin. Embarrassing for a lifelong reader, only now to discover them. My saving grace might be knowing and appreciating, already, some superbly talented writers like Tillie Olson and Jean Rhys.

How did many writers of equally fine ilk slip my attention? Today I will start catching-up.

Dear Friends: The sky will host light explosions; reading will enlighten my head. Diana

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