Eats ‘n Eggs

Thursday, July 07, 2022

The header photo captures several of my chickens enjoying a “flock block” right after watching me set it down. I push such a block tightly against the pen that houses babies being introduced to the flock so they too may enjoy the treat. Oh yes, my goats also like blocks. They’re fifty-pounds of compressed feed destined for brief existences.

Speaking of feed, yesterday while checking out supermarket customers I saw much fresh broccoli passing my register. It dawned on me that being in the store anyway will let me bring home just enough fresh veggies for an evening’s dinner. That’ll curtail my usual habit of storing fresh food for later and forgetting its existence.

Collecting dinner could be quick and easy, like collecting fresh eggs!

I’ve appreciated that easy-steam packages now are available. Pop one, packaging and all, into a microwave for minutes, and presto, cooked veggies. They’re pretty good tasting, too.

Well, yesterday I shopped. Had a Fresh Broccoli Dinner! After popping crowns into a microwaveable bowl and adding a little water, I covered and steamed the veggies a few minutes. Better tasting than those from frozen, less expensive, and I’m a convert.

It helps to be inside the store anyway. I’ll start routinely getting what’s needed for a moment and using it while in the mood. It helps to know, for speedy selecting, the store’s layout, and how to identify products quickly and self-check out.

Another thing about being a checker. One notices what’s available, newest and freshest. Fun!

Dear Friends: Now after I clean the fridge, keeping it unclogged will be easy. Diana

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