Cooking School

Friday, July 08, 2022

Yesterday, a chef for one of the restaurants at Sun River checked-out through my register line. She described a key dish that this weekend she’ll prepare for guests at her home. She will use a sous vide for cooking. I claimed little knowledge of sous vide. She said it’s a cooking method that consistently creates very tender and delicious outcomes.

I felt curious and did a little research, learning that sous vide cookers are designed to heat water in which a bag floats with vacuum sealed food as a pouch for cooking. The sous vide heats the water bath at a precise temperature. The cooked outcome relies not on perfect timing but on precise temperature control. According to experts, just set a sous vide and walk away; the cooker consistently delivers perfect results.

That chef alluded to all these goods describing sous vide.

I will consider obtaining a sous vide cooker. They’re relatively inexpensive, and there are many choices to comb through. I’d also need a vacuum sealer and appropriate plastic bags.

I’m thinking about it, while weighing the kinds of foods I’d cook against the worthiness of adding kitchen tools. Easy and delicious eating would be nice, and it would increase counter-space clutter.

Dear Friends: Another episode of learning while working in a busy supermarket. Diana

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