Slizzler Daze

Wednesday, June 13, 2022

Hot ‘n hotter! Yesterday afternoon was a blast furnace. In the morning, my twelve-year-old hen, Welsummer, got to go into an outside pen to scratch and dust around. In early afternoon I found her panting, parked in a tiny spot of shade. The old girl shouldn’t be so stressed and was returned to inside quarters. There she perched and appeared more composed.

Puppy Chase is growing rapidly and suddenly he’s standing tall as Louie. To boot, that tough little monkey is good humored, loves people, and plays constantly. I try to avoid his busy mouth with sharp teeth that break my skin. It’s almost embarrassing, working at a cash register with hands and wrists nearly covered by scabs; but that’s how it is.

Speaking of work, I must be at a register this morning, and tomorrow, at 7:30 sharp. This is a quick hello and goodby.

Dear Friends: Full Super Moon rises tonight! Keep cool, stay awake, and enjoy. Diana

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