Horse Sense

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Today, I face another super-early (from my perspective) call to work. It’s nice getting off from work in a mid-afternoon. If about which might be best, it’s a guessing game. Go in earlier and leave early, or go in late and leave later.

My preferences are related to tasks of feeding my horses. Early-to-work means feeding them early and late-to-work means they must wait a bit. All horses hate having to wait. While in the process of preparing hay and supplements, I feel much pressure from Rosie. She’s kicking against the fence, snorting, demanding entrance.

Rosie is my lead mare, the trio’s head honcho. She can be sweet and yielding or belligerent and irritating. Over the years, she’s made it clear: the longer she must wait, the pushier she can become.

This morning is easy, a no-brainer. I must leave soon for work and Rosie, et al, may dive early into their hay allotments.

Dear Friends: Amazing creatures, horses, always teaching us more about ourselves. Diana

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