Friday, July 15, 2022

That hurrying pony is Sunni (pronounced “Sunny”). She’s coming to grab a nibble from a full hay-net bag I’m shouldering for hanging from a tree branch. Yes, it’s Sunni’s hay, she can’t wait. Daily, we replay this scene often.

Next week, I’ll have a string of three days off from my outside job. The first is enjoying not having to work, the middle is for horseback riding, and the third is doing whatever is needed before resuming “cash register days.”

I’m considering which dogs may join my horseback ride. The only two savvy with horses and un-arthritic enough to run with them are almost twelve-year-old hound-dog, Ranger, and nearly ten-year-old Border Collie mix, Osix. It’s a mystery why these two after years of trail running haven’t succumbed to joint pain. I’m happy for experienced dogs still having the strength to join horses and me.

I’ve not introduced either puppy to horses. There’s evidence that Chase could become a trail dog. He’s enthusiastic, strong, and dependably stays nearby. Less so Mitzvah. Although a fast-running Jack Russell, she’s quirky and sometimes reluctant to do as asked. Because these puppies aren’t herding types, their full potential needs more time to surface.

Dear Friends: Now I must prepare to go to work, that store’s a busy place. Diana

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