Lil’ Gifts

Saturday, July 15, 2022

Many people dislike chipmunks but not me. One of the best things about feeding birds is sitting quietly and watching as nearby chipmunks fill their jaws with dropped seeds. Those moments may become even more enjoyable by also indulging in a cold beer.

It’s summer!

Down at the barn there’s a young cottontail growing. Not yet any good photos of that illusive creature which I see often. Soon, I’ll come up with a worthwhile image.

Often, the horses’ watering troughs are hosts to perched Ravens. They’re fledglings, drinking and just hanging out until mom and/or dad reappears with food and instructions. Every summer it’s exciting to watch Raven parents training and protecting their offspring. Watchers learn quickly that those birds are very smart. Raven parents are excellent managers of family groups, and their babies are well-behaved.

This summer, despite that I’m less at home for working at an outside job, there are nearby easily available, highly enjoyable “small pleasures.” So many, under foot and in the air.

Dear Friends: A deep breath ending in “Ah, summer,” to a world of pleasure. Diana

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