Monday, July 18, 2022

I’m fiddling unendingly with my Mac Computer to access programs fully. There were assets I appreciated back while using droid-based computers. Some “helpers,” or auxiliary programs I purchased, downloaded, and loved, this Mac can’t access. Or actually, I can’t and am wanting them again!

I like working on the Mac and will continue trying to fix glitches, but changing over is frustrating. I’m finding it impossible to transfer to the Mac images from my best camera. Also, routine text editing is cumbersome and time-consuming.

The key to achieving success is understanding the IOS system. Ah, but that stretches my brain’s capabilities. Anyway, there’s no going back, no returning to my droid. The puppy has chewed its power cord in half.

So here I’ll relax. I will shift my focus, not grind on and instead move around. I’ll go out and feed critters.

Dear Friends: Anyway, it’s time to assume other activities; today’s a workday. Diana

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