Until They Drop

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Here’s when I like them best. Sound asleep, both. Otherwise, they’re in a totally opposite mode and very noisy, playing to the nines or knawing on old bones. Chase is five months old and does extra. He chews electrical wires, tears magazine pages, and ruins all possible shoes. The two are done when simply they drop, and wherever they happen to be, as in today’s header photo having landed on a pillow.

Today is a free one from my part-time job. I’ll be playing catch-up on needed work around the property, playing with the animals, and doing some reading. I’ll also be off on Thursday, and thus, will follow the final public hearing in regard to January 6 by the Senate Investigative Committee.

Visitors to Bend from Arizona and California coming through my checkout line describe the intense heat common in those areas. They say they’re amazed to find this summer that here is cool and comfortable.

A couple of ladies, one from Arizona and the other from Portland, were buying lots of food items and preparing for an annual celebration. They explained that Central Oregon’s consistently good summer weather draws ladies from various states who’ve known each other for forty years. Annually, they meet here for a week to revitalize friendships and catch up.

A reminder for locals. Let’s thank our lucky stars for summers of tolerable weather.

Dear Friends: And now I’m out to feed the horses, goats, and chickens. Diana

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