Wednesday, July 20, 2022

My computer today is running slowly. I’ll keep this short.

Thanks to the kindness of next-door neighbors, Frank and Annette, who’ve cut their pasture, my horses will receive a gift of hay. Those bales will help during this hay rationing period before our grower delivers. This year’s wetter weather has yielded more hay than last year’s too-dry season. Hay growing requires full irrigation canals. Hopefully, my coming supply will carry us until next July.

I’ve not been a snow seeker unlike many here in Central Oregon. I’m changing now and rooting more for heavier winters. We need the weather that fills lakes and snowpacks mountains. My perspective isn’t on skiing, but on growing enough feed for large animals and returning to affordability.

I worry about large animals that belong to people who can’t afford the current very-high costs of hay. My part-time job helps me manage the economics of horse-keeping, no cheap hobby even in the best times. Inviting a horse to live on a property means having it around for a long time and through better and worst. Yep, horses are family.

Dear Friends: Now, I’m off to do needed work, before off to my part-time gig. Diana

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